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Hi I’m Fiona, your Life and Relationship Coach!

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  • I work with women and men who have lost their spark.
  • I help them find their friendship and romance.
  • They get a deeper connection than they had before.
  • They start to enjoy sex again.

Does this sound like
something you want with your partner?


Relationship Coaching Solutions is right for you if:

  • You are sick of feeling unloved and lonely in your marriage
  • Every time you try and talk it turns into an argument
  • Everything you do is for other people, but you never get your own needs met 
  • For a long time you have felt disconnected and invisible to your partner
  • You don’t feel comfortable with being touched
  • Your sex life has completely disappeared  

Relationship Coaching Solutions is not right for you if: 

  • Since you already know everything about relationships you don’t need to learn anything
  • You are not prepared to put any work into bringing about change
  • It is impossible for you to get one hour of undisturbed time per week
  • Staying married is no longer an option and you are ready to get divorced
  • Your spouse or you are suffering from unmanaged mental illness or addiction
  • You are not married and are looking for a mate

How is Coaching Different From Traditional Therapies?

In our coaching, there will be no more endlessly retelling your story without any real progress like in traditional therapies. 

Relationship Coaching will shift your relationship from constant arguing to having enjoyable, meaningful conversations.

Firstly, you will start to feel deserving of respect and worthy of love. 

Secondly, you will start to feel heard and learn to get your needs met.

Thirdly, you will learn specific skills to actually build your friendship and deeper connection with your partner.  

Lastly you will start to feel safe with physical touch and both of you will be able to enjoy your sexual relationship.

Completely Transform Your Marriage  will amaze you. The progress you make in 3 months will make you wonder why you’ve never made these changes before.

relationship coaching soluitions

Improvements in your marriage and life

Trying to make your relationship better by yourselves can lead to arguments. Someone will most likely get upset.

This is why you need a relationship coach. You will learn to communicate in a healthy way so that no-one gets hurt. Your relationship with yourself will improve as you begin to feel worthy of love

When you work on your friendship with your partner, you will be less inclined to argue.  You will have more to talk about and be able to have fun together. 

I also help you to have a deeper soul level connection as well as a better physical relationship.

Every part of your marriage gets better. That’s a win-win!

With surprisingly small changes you can make a huge difference.  The changes will all be worth it, for your quality of life and the health of your marriage. And everyone who comes into contact with you will ultimately benefit as a result too. So what are you waiting for? Start to fix your relationship today! 

Specific Benefits of Coaching

  • coaching offers you a safe space to talk
  • a new sense of hope about your marriage will emerge
  • you will be happier in your partner’s company
  • there will be much more connection between you
  • it will feel easier to love your partner
  • arguments will be much less heated 
  • insecurities will start to melt away
  • setting boundaries will become second nature to you
  • expressing your feelings will feel more natural
  • asking for your needs to be met will become much easier
  • your self love and self esteem will grow
  • suffering in silence will become a thing of the past
  • coaching helps you create the love you’ve always wanted
  • you will respect yourself and consequently others will respect you more
  • soon your relationship will become one of trust
  • spending time together will be more fun
  • other family members will be more relaxed around you 
  • our sessions will help you feel loved in your marriage
  • all your other relationships will improve too
  • difficult conversations will become easier to handle
  • it will become clearer what is acceptable treatment
  • other people will appreciate the transformation in you
  • likewise your partner will feel inspired to change too
  • the rest of your life will also improve
  • coaching really does bring about living happily ever after!

It has gone on too long! Start to transform your marriage now! 

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