The Truth about Coaches

The Truth about Coaches

The first truth about coaches is that we are very human! Rather than being people who have naturally wonderful lives, we are people who have had more than our fair share of struggles. Most female coaches I know claim to have ADHD. Some of the male ones have been bullied at work, or have struggled with addiction. You get the picture.

So when you see photos of their perfect body, their perfect house, their perfect attitude, know there is a back story of struggle. And far from the struggle being over for ever, it can pop up it’s ugly head from time to time.

I got into coaching because I had experienced a lot of trauma in my childhood that had held me back in adulthood. As I learned to overcome the ogres of depression and lack of confidence, I wanted to share what I knew with others.

I actually thought I had completely overcome these issues for ever. So what happened over the summer took me by surprise.

First of all, most of my coaching clients stopped for the summer. And while it was lovely not to do much work for a month, a day without coaching is a day without meaning for me.

Secondly I went to England for a month and didn’t bother to take my supplements and I hardly ever did my 4 part morning routine. We were just too busy driving around from one place to another.

Thirdly I heard that my part-time job had come to an end. I was told there was no issue whatsoever, so I couldn’t get any closure.

And lastly the jet lag from a 6 hour time difference was far worse than in previous years. Lack of sleep is the main way menopause affects me. (I’m so lucky I’ve not had to deal with too many other symptoms!)

When I got back on Monday evening, I went to bed at 7.30 pm and was wide awake at 3.00 am. A solid 7 and a half hours. But each night I went to bed later, but wasn’t waking up much later.

All of this took its toll on me and I started to feel the old inadequacy and lack of confidence creeping up on me again. But I’m so grateful that I have the tools to make me feel better. Walking reawakens my metabolism. Prayer connects me to the divine. Journaling lets me express and process my feelings. Dancing uplifts me.

This coming week I will find out who wants to resume their coaching. And soon I will find another morning job. I know that all will be well. In the meantime, I am reaching out to friends and connecting with them. I am spending time with my son who is here for a few months. And I commit to do the much-needed decluttering of my house.

The second truth about coaches is that we are over-comers! We know that change is good and brings new opportunities. And we refuse to be held back by the issues of the past, because we are building the awesomeness of the future!

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