A Cup of Tea

Shall we have a cup of tea together?


As I write to you, I’m sitting here sipping a cup of tea – chai to be precise. The gentle spiciness is warming and soothing. As you can see, I keep a wide range of teas in my kitchen. The Earl Grey lives permanently on the counter next to the kettle. (It’s electric of course – before moving across the Atlantic I hadn’t seen a stove top kettles since the early 1970s!)

Tea drinking has long been a part of British culture. It is such an everyday occurrence that the concept of “tea time” is even common in business. I remember hearing my old boss saying to a client “I’ll call you back at tea time,” and there was no question of when that would be.

Queen Victoria liked to drink tea, and she served it at her garden parties in the 19th Century. It reminded her of her native Germany.

But the tradition goes back further than that. It was a Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza, who introduced the drink to Britain. When visiting before her marriage to the King, she asked for a cup of tea and there was none. So she made sure that a chest of tea was one of the many luxury items to arrive by ship as her dowry.

What does drinking a cup of tea mean to people?

It is a time to stop what you are doing to sit and talk. Talking over tea is comforting. If someone is upset, a cup of tea, or “cuppa” will make them feel better.

I drank my first cup of tea at the age of 5 when I had hit my head on the play equipment at primary school. Matron said “It will help with the shock.” She was probably referring to the sugar cubes she put in it.

The word “tea” is also used nowadays to mean gossip, as in “what’s the tea?” Or “spill the tea.” Although both men and women drink tea as well as beer, I think of having a cup of tea together as the female version of the traditional male habit of “going down the pub.”

Drinking tea together is a way of bonding. It’s quality time, so let’s be intentional about having a cup of tea with our friends and family. It can even help with your friendship with your romantic partner. You can book yourself a cuppa with me here, even if we have to do it online!

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