A New Beginning

Why would you need a new beginning?

A new beginning

Have you been married for many years? Congratulations! But that in itself is not an achievement if you are not happy in your marriage. Unless you want a medal for endurance!

Does your marriage make you happy? How healthy are your conversations? Perhaps you are often having arguments, and they seem to be the same issues popping up again and again. If so, the truth is you need to take responsibility and learn how to communicate better.

Because what I have observed in my coaching and on social media is that everyone blames their spouse for their problems. Nobody ever comes forward claiming to be the one at fault!

And I was definitely one of these people. I used to complain that my husband did not “do emotions.” But there were so many issues that I had to deal with within myself. I had brought so much baggage into the marriage. Such as I had been bullied by the boys at school. My family was dysfunctional and there was always a lot of shouting. I had told myself that my parents did not love me.

But through years of self development, I came to terms with the fact that I was contributing to the situation. It is true that my husband is not naturally comfortable with expressing or listening to emotions. But it is also true that I am responsible for the way I behave and react.

Marriage is an interactive relationship. So if one person criticises, the other will be on the defensive. If one person expresses contempt the other will start stonewalling. And the inverse is true too.

It is never too late for a new beginning.

Some people say it is too late for them. But I say it is never too late for a new beginning.

If you think you might like some help with regulating your emotions I would love to offer you a powerful coaching call to help with this. It is my gift to you.

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