Achieving Goals

How do you feel about achieving goals? Are you succeeding with them?

Achieving Goals

I was looking back at a course I did in January 2021. The course leader asked us to set a goal for what we would like by the end of the month. My answer was 10 paying coaching clients. By the way, I had not started coaching at this point! I hadn’t even done a proper coaching course to know what I was doing.

Fast forward three years and the truth is I have not achieved that goal. While more than 10 people have paid me for coaching, I have never had 10 clients AT THE SAME TIME. So in a sense I have consistently failed!

I have been coaching since 2021. So you would think surely I should have achieved my goal by now!

But if I look at my life in the last few years, I have certainly made progress in many areas. These include my relationships, fitness, personal development, and spiritual life, as well as in my interests such as piano, language learning on Duolingo, and theatre.

And yes, I have made huge progress in my business too.

So why am I talking about not achieving goals?

As I have mentioned before, I don’t believe there is such thing as failure. I believe that what people perceive as failure is really feedback.

The difference between destructive criticism and constructive feedback is in the intention.

Criticism is a negative force that destroys relationships and self esteem.

Whereas feedback is given with the intention of being helpful. We can always learn from it.

In relationships we should avoid giving criticism, but not be afraid of gently giving genuine feedback.

On the receiving end, we can ignore other people’s criticism and embrace their well intentioned feedback.

We have to be aware of so called feedback that is criticism in disguise. It is a very important distinction and we need discernment to know the difference.

In the same way, we can take a good look at ourselves and honestly acknowledge what we have and have not achieved.

Then we can treat ourselves to constructive feedback in order to find a good solution. It has nothing to do with beating ourselves up. It is all about being kind and loving to ourselves. In the end that is what will lead us to confidently achieving goals.

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