Adapt to Change

Adapt to Change

One of the things that is certain in life is we need to adapt to change. And our survival depends on whether or not we can adapt.

This morning we played pickle ball for the first time. I don’t know if you’ve played it before. But it’s like a cross between tennis and ping pong, using the plastic balls that babies play with!

As someone who grew up playing tennis, I found pickle ball quite easy in some ways, but challenging in others. My hand-eye coordination is better than someone who has never played a racquet sport.  I am prepared to run backwards or forwards to be in the right position to hit the ball.

But the ball doesn’t bounce as well as a tennis ball, and the paddle is much shorter than a tennis racquet. Also there is a zone near the net called the No-Volley Zone. It is exactly where tennis players typically stand for most of their volleys.

So I will have to learn to adapt. And while it felt awkward today, I am sure that if I keep going back, I will eventually get the hang of pickle ball. If I can’t adapt, I won’t be very successful at pickle ball.

While it doesn’t matter whether I become any good at pickle ball or not, it is important to learn to adapt to changes in life. Children have to adapt to becoming less dependent on their parents as they grow up. And new parents learn to adapt their lives to having children.

As we get older, there are many more adaptations we have to take on. People see us as less capable, so we have to fight harder for opportunities. And then our health changes over the years, requiring us to increasingly adapt to change.

But what if you don’t like change? Ignoring it in the hopes that it goes away won’t help! We need to face reality, and prepare ourselves for the changes happening. If you want to find clarity you can journal about the imminent changes.

If you are struggling to accept change and would like some help with this you can book a call with me here. My door is always open and my ears are ready to listen!



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