Asking Questions

Asking Questions

Asking questions is a powerful way to get to know someone. Remember those questions you would ask your friends when you were little? Like “What is your favorite color?” Or “Who is your best friend?”

You can get to know your spouse better by asking questions like: “What is your happiest memory?” “Who were you closest to growing up?” Or “What secret dreams and aspirations do you still have?” There are so many questions you can ask to get to know each other in a fun way.

Some people don’t like to be asked questions. When I started doing this, my husband used to feel that I was interrogating him. He didn’t like to reveal anything about himself at the time. And perhaps there was something in my tone of voice that felt scary for him. So please remember to be gentle and have fun with this. Above all, do not judge or contradict your partner’s answers. This is meant to be a positive exercise for your friendship.

In coaching, when my couples ask each other these kinds of questions, I can see the difference in their faces. They start to smile, their eyes shine and their faces soften. It is such a simple exercise, but it is a great start to getting to be each other’s best friend.

So, what questions will you ask each other today? Are there things you don’t know about each other? You may surprise yourselves! If you want any help with this, you might consider trying out a free coaching session.

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