Be Grateful for Blessings

Be Grateful for Blessings

Let’s be more grateful for our blessings. So many times when blessings happen we are happy for a moment. Then something else happens and we forget.

When really bad things happen we might pray to God or put it out to the Universe. Then when we get what we want we have a tendency to forget again. We go back to the negative mindset. But what if we practice gratitude daily regardless of what is happening in our lives?

Thousands of people intentionally practise gratitude. It might seem like a gimmick, for social media, but there are so many benefits. Here are 10 of them:

  1. We learn to love ourselves more, so we won’t take offence as much;
  2. Gratitude makes us happier, so we see the positive side of things;
  3. Better mental and emotional health so we have less depression and anxiety;
  4. We feel more peaceful, so are less likely to get into arguments;
  5. Gratitude gives us resilience for when bad things do happen;
  6. Better relationships with people we already know;
  7. Attracting more positive people to us for relationships with them;
  8. It helps us to have a better night’s sleep every night;
  9. Gratitude boosts our immune system and affects our physical health in many ways;
  10. It has a huge impact on our spiritual life as well, so that we can receive more blessings.

How to Be Grateful for Blessings

Gratitude goes hand and hand with prayer or meditation. If you set aside time to pray or meditate, a large part of this can be your gratitude practice. But even as you go about your daily life, you can be grateful for small things.

What if you can’t think of things to be grateful for? Think of bad things that could go wrong and be grateful that they are not happening to you. For a start you are still alive. So many parts of your body and senses are still working. Be grateful for the blessings of food and people, and learning.

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