Complicated Grief

Grief can complicated. Let me explain. When a relationship with someone is not healthy and then they die, it isn’t a regular kind of bereavement. There are questions that are unresolved. There are memories of injustices. You may even forget the positive memories, as I did. We grieve not just

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Four Things I couldn’t do Without as Coach

Four Things I couldn’t do Without as Coach Here are four things I couldn’t do without as a professional coach. They are like the four legs of a chair. Without one of the legs the chair would collapse. My Morning Routine consists of walking my dog after breakfast. While walking

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Becoming Courageous

Have you ever thought about the importance of becoming courageous? ​ ​People are often held back from pursuing their dreams because they are scared. So they do everything but the thing they really want to do. ​ ​Have you ever cleaned out your kitchen, when you really wanted more paying

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Achieving Goals

How do you feel about achieving goals? Are you succeeding with them? I was looking back at a course I did in January 2021. The course leader asked us to set a goal for what we would like by the end of the month. My answer was 10 paying coaching

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April Fool’s Day Offer

April Fool’s Day Offer! So many people don’t know what Life Coaching is🤷 And yet they are convinced they know what it is. Everyone’s heard of coaching, right? But most people haven’t experienced it yet. A lot of people think it’s talking about problems🚩 But it’s not. Actually that would

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Feeling Invisible?

Are you Feeling Invisible? Or have you ever felt invisible? I know I have on numerous occasions.  For example, when I have met someone several times before and they can’t remember me at all!  Or when I am speaking and notice that nobody is listening. Why does this happen? First

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Disagree in a Healthy Way

Can you Disagree in a Healthy Way? This would be the calm, assertive communication approach. Or do you just come out with it and contradict someone? This can feel like a personal attack. Alternatively, do you take a more subtly passive-aggressive approach and write about it in public? I have

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Full Circle

My coaching journey has taken me full circle. I have been meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds. And of course there is a wide range of faiths and beliefs in the coaching community. At first I found it disturbing. I could see that many of these people were more

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Healing is a process. For many years I would go to the chapel near my house and say daily “I forgive my mother,” “I forgive my father” and whoever else I needed to forgive. So my relationship with my parents improved and we had many happy times together. But my

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A Cup of Tea

Shall we have a cup of tea together? As I write to you, I’m sitting here sipping a cup of tea – chai to be precise. The gentle spiciness is warming and soothing. As you can see, I keep a wide range of teas in my kitchen. The Earl Grey

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I help women and men like you to love themselves and  connect with their emotionally distant partners, so that they find their happy ever after. I am a Christian but I love working with couples from other faiths too.

I live in the Caribbean with my husband. We have 4 adult children, one dog and two cats.  

Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to fix your marriage.


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