Self Love

Let’s talk about Self Love. Some people think it’s selfish, but it’s not at all. It is actually essential. I will give you 3 reasons why self love is important and then I will share a journaling exercise. So if you want to do the journaling, you will need your

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Today I want to talk about confidence. How was your week? Mine was variable. One day I was in a sleep deprived fog so I didn’t get much done. Then another day I had a session with my coach and I had a super productive afternoon. And I’m sure your

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What does Abundance mean to you? To me, abundance is not just from material wealth, but from learning to be content with what you have. Because I’ve met people who are rich but are not living an abundant life. They might be suffering from depression or anxiety or unhappiness. And

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Instead of goals

Instead of goals I like to develop habits for my personal development. Last week I mentioned that I don’t usually set goals because I feel bad when I don’t reach them. You might love goals and that’s great if they work for you. But some people don’t do as well

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I did a crazy thing!

I did a crazy thing! It feels crazy to me anyway. Are you a New Years Resolution kind of person? I tend not to set them because if I do, and then don’t keep to them it makes me feel like a failure. It’s typically the same with setting goals.

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10 Steps to Survive the Holidays in Peace

Here are my 10 Steps to Survive the Holidays in Peace. Remember the reason for the season. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas or something else remember the miracles associated with your celebration. Don’t impose your expectations on other people. Aunt Leah’s latkes or Uncle Anthony’s cranberry sauce won’t be

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Never Give in!

“Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty.”  These are the famous words of Sir Winston Churchill in a speech he made at Harrow School in 1941. He continued, “Never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield

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Why my Cat does Yoga

Ok I’m not going to pretend anyone asked me why my cat does Yoga. But cats are really great at self care. They seem to be happiest when they spend all day licking themselves and stretching. As humans we also need to make a habit of Self Care. Have you

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Women Who Win

I’m excited to announce my Black Friday offer for Women Who Win. This is a Self Development club for women who want to win at work and life. This is for you if you want to grow into who you were born to BE, so that you can more easily serve

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Funk the Funk in 5

Funk the funk in 5 – no it’s not a typo. If you look up the definition of funk it says it is both a noun and a verb. The noun is a state of depression. Whereas the verb is to avoid or get out of something.  Besides, I didn’t

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I help women and men like you to love themselves and  connect with their emotionally distant partners, so that they find their happy ever after. I am a Christian but I love working with couples from other faiths too.

I live in the Caribbean with my husband. We have 4 adult children, one dog and two cats.  

Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to fix your marriage.


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