Why my Cat does Yoga

Ok I’m not going to pretend anyone asked me why my cat does Yoga. But cats are really great at self care. They seem to be happiest when they spend all day licking themselves and stretching. As humans we also need to make a habit of Self Care. Have you

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Women Who Win

I’m excited to announce my Black Friday offer for Women Who Win. This is a Self Development club for women who want to win at work and life. This is for you if you want to grow into who you were born to BE, so that you can more easily serve

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Funk the Funk in 5

Funk the funk in 5 – no it’s not a typo. If you look up the definition of funk it says it is both a noun and a verb. The noun is a state of depression. Whereas the verb is to avoid or get out of something.  Besides, I didn’t

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That Question

Has anyone asked you that question yet? “Are you ready for Christmas?” I have two daughters with birthdays in November. So there is no way I’m going to even think about Christmas until after their birthdays. When someone asks me at the start of November, if I’m ready for Christmas,

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Overcoming Overwhelm

This coming Friday,  I will host my group coaching workshop called Overcoming Overwhelm. It is the last in a series of 6 workshops. Overwhelm strikes when you have too much work to do, you have personal issues and significant life events happen all at the same time. It feels like

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Speaking Your Truth

Yesterday, we had my Speaking Your Truth workshop, which was the 4th in a series. The first question I asked was “Why is speaking your truth important?” The answer came back loud and clear that if you don’t speak your truth, your life will be out of balance. This will

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Boost Your Confidence

Do you want to boost your confidence? This is the story of how I grew mine. I did a series of challenges that took me increasingly out of my comfort zone. In the early months of this summer, I did a weekly challenge on Facebook Live, that I called Cowardly

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That’s a No!

If you read the first letter of each line of my fun little acrostic poem, you will see the title “That’s a No!” Yesterday’s “Confidence, Courage & Clarity” call with a group of wonderful ladies was all about boundaries. We discussed how boundaries need to be based on your values.

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Letter to Self

I have been listening to my Letter to Self. Let me explain. On Friday, I hosted the first session of a 6 week group coaching package. It is called Confidence, Courage & Clarity, and the first session is an affirming Letter to Self.  It followed on from my Self Love

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Just Keep Moving

“Just keep moving” is my new motto. I’ll tell you why. On Monday, Hurricane Ian swept over us. Fortunately for us in the Cayman Islands, he was only at Category 1 at that stage. I decided to go for a jog in the pouring rain and strong winds. It was

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I help women and men like you to love themselves and  connect with their emotionally distant partners, so that they find their happy ever after. I am a Christian but I love working with couples from other faiths too.

I live in the Caribbean with my husband. We have 4 adult children, one dog and two cats.  

Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to fix your marriage.


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