Need a little pick me up?

What do you do when you need a little pick me up? My go to is always dancing. It’s not that I’m a great dancer or anything like that. But getting my body moving releases endorphins which help me to feel good, at the same time as reducing cortisol which

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Heal from Emotional Abuse

Is it really possible to heal from emotional abuse or neglect? Yes, it certainly is possible and I speak from experience. When we’ve been emotionally abused or neglected as children we carry deep wounds into adulthood. We have been let down by the very people we trust the most. The

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Are there changes to come?

Are there changes to come? All around the world people have been watching the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. Whether you are a royalist or not, you may have been one of the millions who witnessed the ceremony and processions. And you may have noticed some breaks

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Emotional Mastery

Warren Buffet said that Emotional Mastery is the most valuable thing to learn. He learned this from his own mentor Tom Murphy. Emotional Mastery is simply the process of becoming more in charge of our own emotions and our own selves. It means that we can actually choose our emotions.

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A Time of Renewal

I hope you had a good holiday season and are living a time of renewal. Perhaps you celebrate Passover or Easter or maybe you don’t. Regardless of your customs, this time of year is a time of renewal. In Europe and the Americas we have Spring, while in Australia and

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Living Your Light

What do I mean by Living Your Light? It is about who you are being rather than what you are doing. We’re all very unique even though there are a lot of similarities to us. We’ve all had different upbringings and experiences. We’ve lived in different places and in different

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Stop Self Doubt

How can we stop self doubt? Why do we doubt ourselves so much? I believe we doubt ourselves because of the criticism we received as children. We look up to our parents and believe everything they say. So when they criticise us, we believe that as well. Take for example

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Time to Embrace Change

It’s time to embrace change! Change is what life is all about. So why do we sometimes fear it? Positive changes are what coaching is all about! I am enjoying the changes I’ve been making in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed, so I started a part time job! And

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You can Overcome Overwhelm

Do you believe you can overcome overwhelm? First of all how do we define overwhelm? Overwhelm is an emotional state that can have a wide variety of different causes. Maybe you’ve got too much to do. That can certainly feel overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve got personal issues or external things

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Can you cry in front of people?

“I never cry in front of people!” Does that sound like you? Or can you cry in front of people? There is often a huge amount of shame attached to crying. I remember a teacher at school saying “Big girls don’t cry.” And that’s part of how I learned to

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I help women and men like you to love themselves and  connect with their emotionally distant partners, so that they find their happy ever after. I am a Christian but I love working with couples from other faiths too.

I live in the Caribbean with my husband. We have 4 adult children, one dog and two cats.  

Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to fix your marriage.


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