Your Needs Matter

Your needs matter! If your partner does all the talking, it is very likely that they don’t feel heard. They may be very emotional and seem to have a lot of needs. The truth is they may have had a traumatic childhood, and feel the need to be in control as an adult. So their […]

Look Out for Yourself

You need to look out for yourself because nobody else will. Your feelings and needs matter! If you are waiting for your husband (or wife) to notice your needs, you might be waiting for ever. The only way for your spouse to be aware for your needs is for you to express them. And you […]

Showing the Real You

Are you afraid of showing the real you? The kid who never felt loved at home? The little girl who was hit by the boys at school? The teenage boy who was teased mercilessly for being a nerd with no girlfriend? When I was younger I used to tell my life story on a first […]

How to Have a Healthy Discussion

When you want to discuss an issue with your partner, it is tempting to launch straight in with criticism. However that is not helpful. Moreover it is even harmful to the relationship. Here are some guidelines on how to have a healthy discussion that will get better results: How to Have a Healthy Discussion¬† Instructions […]

Good Communication Skills

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What are good communication skills? Good communication skills are when we say what we mean and mean what we say. If we have a feeling we express it as a feeling, such as “I feel betrayed.” In good communication, we express our needs like this “I need more support.” Typically when people are not getting […]