True Transformation

If you want true transformation, you have to take massive action. That means so much more than just being aware of trying to be nice to each other. It is more than just having a date night once a week. Your whole attitude might need to change. And to be honest, you probably are not […]

How to Have a Healthy Discussion

When you want to discuss an issue with your partner, it is tempting to launch straight in with criticism. However that is not helpful. Moreover it is even harmful to the relationship. Here are some guidelines on how to have a healthy discussion that will get better results: How to Have a Healthy Discussion¬† Instructions […]

Good Communication Skills

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What are good communication skills? Good communication skills are when we say what we mean and mean what we say. If we have a feeling we express it as a feeling, such as “I feel betrayed.” In good communication, we express our needs like this “I need more support.” Typically when people are not getting […]