I want to talk about transformation as opposed to information. When you read articles and books or watch videos about relationships, what happens? Do you think “That is interesting” and forget about it? Or do you say to yourself “Yes, that describes my partner perfectly!” Maybe that thought makes you feel vindicated. But do you […]

Transform your Relationship

Can you really transform your relationship? Yes it is possible. When you use the same bad habits, you get the same unhappy results. When you change your communication, you will transform your relationship. It may feel like you have been trying for years and nothing works. But what have you actually tried? Venting to a […]

Transformation is easy!

Transformation of a relationship is easy! But it requires an effort just like in fitness. You need to practice certain skills like when learning an instrument. Having said that, it is much easier than you might think! Take small steps consistently. It may not feel like they are making a difference, but they will. At […]