The No 1 Quality you Need

What is the No 1 quality you need in a relationship? It is not intelligence, presentability or sense of humor! Nor is it good looks, earning power or cooking skills! It is not even maturity, affection or respect. Although all of these are very often qualities that people search for in a mate. No, the […]

Do you Dare Open up?

Do you dare open up your mind? Are you ready to do everything it takes to improve your marriage? You are trying to work on your marriage and hoping it will make a difference. And if you know what you are doing it will help. On the other hand, you might find that the more […]

Showing the Real You

Are you afraid of showing the real you? The kid who never felt loved at home? The little girl who was hit by the boys at school? The teenage boy who was teased mercilessly for being a nerd with no girlfriend? When I was younger I used to tell my life story on a first […]