Today I want to talk about confidence.


How was your week? Mine was variable. One day I was in a sleep deprived fog so I didn’t get much done. Then another day I had a session with my coach and I had a super productive afternoon. And I’m sure your days vary too.

You will have days where you don’t feel confident. We all do, even the most successful people.

And you will have days when you try something and fail. That’s a good thing because when we fail we learn. 

You will have days which just don’t go your way. And that’s perfectly normal because circumstances arise that you can’t control.

The funny thing is everyone thinks that someone is born either with confidence or without it. So they don’t work on actively building their confidence.

But that’s not true! It’s a total myth. And if you believe it, it’s limiting your potential 😠

Since I started coaching I have met people who I consider to be incredibly successful, and they ask for help with their confidence. I couldn’t understand why. Sometimes it’s because they are confident in work but timid in their personal life. And sometimes it’s because they have subscribed to the philosophy of ‘fake it ’til you make it’. So they look more confident than they really are.

I have come to another understanding through my personal experience. When we are trying to achieve something, like starting a business, it feels like we are climbing a mountain. Every time we reach a summit, we realize it is only the top of a tiny foothill and there is so much further to go. So it can be tempting to lose hope and give up.

What can we do to grow our confidence?

There are several things we can do and I have written a 6 step e-book about it.

Here I will share ONE of the most important answers, which is to go out of your comfort zone.

Do something that scares you a little bit. Then when you achieve it, you can stand taller.

Do something that will take you closer to where you want to go. Something specific that helps you to live your purpose will increase your confidence. 

Do something that will give you a sense of achievement, so you will feel amazing about yourself 😍💃

If you’d like any help with your confidence you can join my Facebook Group for women who want to grow into their purpose here Called to Courage


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