That is what we all need to be if we have goals that we want to achieve. Easier said than done though.

An important task I really wanted to do yesterday was apply for a particular job. If you have been following me for a while you will know that my coaching business goes better when I do it alongside a job. But yesterday I was not feeling well.

I coached an individual in the morning and a married couple in the evening and had nothing planned in between. So there was plenty of time to apply.

Instead of doing the most important task, I did everything else. My son and I went to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. I spent a lot of time in Duolingo (a language learning app.) And somehow the book “How to get the most out of your Coaching” kept calling for my attention. But I know that I have to be consistent in applying for jobs if I want to be offered one.

My clients always state their goals at the start of their coaching. But often in the time between sessions, they too will work on anything and everything other than the one most important thing. They also know that they will only achieve what they want by being consistent.

I reassure them and myself that the other tasks are productive. And I do allow a small amount of productive procrastination. But then I remind them that it’s my job to call them (and myself) out on what the main goals are. The important things in life will not do themselves.

Why do we fail to be consistent?

The truth is that the one improvement we want to make is usually also the scariest. Our minds come up with all sorts of questions. What if we try and we fail? Will we make a fool of ourselves? Maybe we will find out that we are not as great as we imagined. It is so comfortable to hold on to a fantasy of greatness without making any effort. But if we start out on the path, we might even have to face up to the harsh reality that success actually requires hard work! And that can be scary for those of us who love our comfort zone.

How can we beat procrastination?

The way to beat procrastination is so simple and even quite boring. All we need to do is be consistent. Like when learning an instrument or a sport. We just put in the practice. A little every day goes a long way. That is certainly true of our morning routines. 

That’s how I went from coach potato in September to running a half marathon in December. And how I went from not remembering how to read piano music in 2016 to playing Chopin pieces in 2023. 

It’s how one client of mine went from having a chaotic staff last year to enjoying a well-trained and united staff in her business. And how another went from being surrounded by boxes to having a tidy home, in spite of multiple health challenges.

Consistency is even how the couples I coach go from not being able to look at each other to actually having fun together.

Practice makes progress. A huge part of success is about being consistent in taking the steps.

If you would like some support in being consistent, book a call with me here. I will be delighted to discover solutions with you.


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