Dance Like No-one’s Watching

How often do you dance like no-one’s watching?

Dance like no-one's watching

The other night in a group coaching session, dancing to Salsa music came up. So I suggested that we get up and dance right there on the call!

Then the next morning, while coaching an individual, dancing to Salsa came up again!! This time we both agreed to do some dancing straight after the call.

The dancing was the answer to the question we had started the call with. The client had asked about how to deal with frustration in certain circumstances. If I had answered the question straightaway with “You just need to put on some Salsa music and dance like no-one’s watching,” it would have been ridiculous and even seemed flippant. It absolutely had to come from within her.

After the call, as I was doing my dancing to ‘La Vida Es Carnaval’ sung by Celia Cruz, I noticed how positive the words were, so I felt inspired to translate and share them with you. I love the powerful message that you can choose to do away with your sorrows by singing and I would add dancing to that.

Also I see this as more than just literal. If you choose to metaphorically sing and dance through life as well, you will have so much joy. And that is a massively important shift.

But enough from me! I promised you the translation of the song.

Obviously I don’t own the copyright to the music or the lyrics. Here they are:

“For all those who think life is unfair,
You need to know that that’s not true
That life is beautiful, you have to live it
For all those who think they are alone and it’s all bad,
You need to know that that’s not true
That in life, no-one is alone, there is always someone.

No need to cry, life is a carnival,
It is more beautiful to live singing
Oh, oh, oh, no need to cry
life is a carnival,
Your sorrows can be sung away.

For all those who think life is cruel,
You need to know that that’s not true
There are just hard moments and then they pass.
For all those who think this will never change,
You need to know that that’s not true
Face those times with a smile and everything passes.

No need to cry, life is a carnival,
It is more beautiful to live singing
Oh, oh, oh, no need to cry
life is a carnival,
Your sorrows can be sung away.

For those who complain so much.
For those who only criticize.
For those who use weapons.
For those who contaminate our thinking.
For those who make war.
For those who keep sinning.
For those who mistreat us.
For those who spread negativity.”

How can you explore this more?

If you want any help with choosing to dance like there’s no-one watching, both literally and figuratively, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call. Don’t worry about cost, because this is my gift to you.

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Lastly, please spread the love and share with someone who might benefit.

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