Do you Dare Open up?

Do you dare open up?

Do you dare open up your mind? Are you ready to do everything it takes to improve your marriage? You are trying to work on your marriage and hoping it will make a difference. And if you know what you are doing it will help. On the other hand, you might find that the more you try to sort things out, the worse they get. It always leads to an argument. If that is the case, you need some help with learning to have healthy conversations. Are you ready to take that plunge?

Do you dare to open up your heart and be vulnerable with your true feelings? In my own marriage, we made the mistake many times when one or both of us hid our feelings. Why do people do that? Often it is because of a fear of rejection. But also it can be a way of avoiding hurting the other person. But it is a course of action that has consequences. Whatever the reason, hiding your emotions prevents proper communication. So problems keep reoccurring because you never get to the bottom of them.

Once you start sharing your emotions, your partner will be able to understand you better. Secondly, they will be encouraged to share their own feelings, and you will be understand them better. It is important for both of you to accept each other and not judge the feelings expressed. Even if you do not like what you hear. This is the basis of good communication and lays the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Do you dare open up your soul?

There is only so much you can do by yourselves. A relationship coach can help you to learn more communication skills. Are you able to trust in the process that has worked for many couples before you? And ultimately, do you dare surrender it all to God to do the rest of the work?

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