Don’t be the No

Don't be the No

There is a saying “Don’t be the No.” In sales that means don’t assume that someone will not buy your product. You might think they aren’t interested or they can’t afford it. But you don’t actually know what they’re thinking or the state of their finances.

I used to spearhead fundraisers for Missionaries of the Poor. And I would have my own idea of who would be generous and donate. I was always wrong! People who I would never imagine would give money were incredibly generous. And the opposite was true too.

The same applies in my coaching business. Sometimes I might think that someone won’t be able to afford it because they are not working. Then they surprise me by insisting on paying! Other times I’m sure someone can afford it because they have a successful business, but they say they can’t. Of course there may be other factors involved, but mindset is a huge part of this.

We always have to allow people to make up their own minds and have their own opinions and timing.

All of this is to say, if there are goals you want to go after, then go for it. Don’t be the No. Try not to assume that the other person won’t want to date you, or give you the job, or buy your services/product.

If you work on your own self development, your skills and the quality of your services, you can rest assured that the right person or people will come along.

Too often we limit ourselves by our own thinking. If this sounds like you, you can turn this around by consciously using positive self talk and choosing to focus on your successes. Instead of avoiding change and discomfort, you can learn to embrace change and seek out challenges.

You are also limiting yourself if you assume you know what is going on in someone else’s brain. But what if you were to decide to assume that they do like you, they believe in your skills, or they are a fan of your services/product? How would that make a difference for you?

If you would like any help with adopting a “Don’t be the No” attitude, you can book a free call with me here.


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