Emotional Mastery

Warren Buffet said that Emotional Mastery is the most valuable thing to learn.

Emotional Mastery

He learned this from his own mentor Tom Murphy. Emotional Mastery is simply the process of becoming more in charge of our own emotions and our own selves. It means that we can actually choose our emotions. We are not like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to another. Even when bad things happen we can stay calm and in control of our own emotions. Like a tree that keeps it leaves in spite of being surrounded by storms.

When I was younger I would practise the martial art of Aikido.  There was an exercise where we had to kneel down and focus on breathing. Somebody had to try to push us over. But they couldn’t because we had total focus. And that’s a perfect metaphor for emotional mastery.

If your emotions are constantly going up and down and life feels like a roller coaster ride, you need to practise emotional mastery.  Or if you often feel that you are perfectly alright, then something happens and your emotions react excessively.  If you easily lose control of them, then you need to practise emotional mastery.

One of the main challenges is that we easily distracted, Whether that is on our phone  with notifications all the time drawing our attention to something other than what we were going to do. Or whether that is people disturbing us with their questions and their agendas.

If we’re not in control of where our attention is going, we’re certainly not going to be in control of our emotions. We will be pulled about by other people just like a rag doll. And that can be dangerous when it comes to people who are manipulative.

I used to unwittingly allow people to manipulate me. Until I understood that just because someone has learned a skill of manipulating others, it doesn’t mean that they are a trustworthy person! It is so obvious now, but sometimes it is hard for people to see the reality of a situation when they are in it.

If you would like any help with emotional mastery you can book yourself an appointment with me here. If you’re a woman looking for a supportive community with Live trainings on Emotional Mastery and other similar topics, you can join my fb group Called to Courage.

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