Full Circle

My coaching journey has taken me full circle.

Full Circle

I have been meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds. And of course there is a wide range of faiths and beliefs in the coaching community.

At first I found it disturbing. I could see that many of these people were more loving than many of the Christians I had known. The universal emphasis on gratitude that coaches have, leads to a happy, loving group of people.

For a few years I struggled at church, even though I continued to attend. Several of the men had consistently disrespected me in some way.  In the meantime another had touched me in a way that I considered inappropriate. Many of the women had not spoken to me in decades, even though they would see me there regularly.

But more recently, a non-Christian coaching friend told me about one of the best methods of receiving both physical and emotional healing. She recommended listening to Gregorian chanting, which is of course a Christian practice.

Another acquaintance said that the most powerful way to meditate is to sit and look at one spot. This is also reminiscent of a particular practice we have in our church.

Many coaches acknowledge that forgiveness opens the doors to deep healing. And this is one of the key distinctions that Jesus made when he replaced the Old Testament’s “An eye for an eye” with “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

In my coaching training a woman was talking about offering up one’s suffering for the sake of another person. I immediately recognised that the lady speaking was from my church, because this is what I have been taught since early childhood. On the other hand, many of the coaches were absolutely blown away by this revelation.

Many of the coaches practice fasting in a way that I could only hope to emulate. Again this is a Christian practice, although it is certainly present in other religions too.

Lastly, many coaches talk about a morning routine. This can include prayer and spiritual reading, while an evening gratitude practice can take the form of praising God.

So it seems that even if I am looking the other way, I come back full circle to the Christian faith and community. What have you drifted from that you’d like to come back full circle to, in order to live your light?

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