Gratitude for what we have

Gratitude for what we have

Sometimes we are so focused on what we want that we forget to show gratitude for what we already have.

I recently purchased membership of a well known website. It includes meditation sounds such as a jungle dawn chorus and the sounds of tropical rain. As you can imagine, they are incredibly relaxing and soothing sounds.

This morning I got up and sat in my garden in the Caribbean. I love to sit in nature as part of my morning routine. As you may have guessed, I heard the dawn chorus.  I could hear the squawks of parrots and a range of other interesting birdsong. I wouldn’t even know how to identify most of them.

An hour or so later the birds had fallen silent and it started to rain. So I went out and shut my eyes. What I discovered was that listening to the rain in person is just as soothing as hearing it as a recording!

My membership I bought has many other advantages than these sounds. So I will not worry about my purchase being a waste of money.

The point I want to make with my short example is this. It serves as a metaphor for looking for something so hard that we don’t notice what is around us. It reminds me of the expression “You can’t see the wood for the trees,” where we are caught up in little details of something and are oblivious to the general benefits.

Rather than ignoring what we have, we should try to appreciate our blessings and not replace them. Instead let’s add to them it in a continuous effort to improve our lives.

If you want any help with gratitude for what you have, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call. Don’t worry about cost, because this is my gift to you.

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