Happy International Men’s Day

Happy International Men’s Day

Happy International Men's Day

Do we even need International Men’s Day?

It is a valid question. In many countries all over the world women are still second class citizens. They very often earn less than men doing the same jobs. And they still have fewer opportunities than men in education and the workplace. So you could be forgiven for wondering why we need a day dedicated to men.

However in countries where there is more equality, men are feeling left behind. They feel confused about what women want from them. And they feel that society as a whole is not looking after their needs. Their roles are becoming less and less clear to them. So they are experiencing a kind of identity crisis.

The day was set up to highlight men’s wellness issues and to celebrate men’s contributions to society in general and the family in particular. All of which are good intentions. Further, the theme for International Men’s Day this year is “Better relations between men and women.” And I’m all for encouraging that!

So again let me wish you a Happy International Men’s Day!

Most of us know that men are far less likely to go to the doctor when they have a medical problem. Somehow they seem to tell themselves that if they ignore it, the problem will go away. The same is true for emotional issues. Many is the time when men ignore an issue in the hopes that it will miraculously vanish. But suicide rates among men are far higher than among women. So we can see that their issues do not disappear on their own.

When there is another person’s feelings in the mix, it is even more important to communicate issues that come up. Brushing small issues under the carpet, only encourages them to grow into larger ones. And that is when the real problems begin. Avoiding conflict on a regular basis is an important root cause for many of the more serious problems in relationships. Which is why it is essential to learn healthy communication skills.

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