Healing is Available

Healing is Available

Healing is Available to you too

If you are angry and hurt you might not believe that healing is available. Maybe you have had a bad experience with a counselor or coach. As a result you believe that we are all a waste of space, time and money. First of all, sorry if you have had a bad experience.

But I am here to tell you it is possible to heal from whatever you are suffering. Many other people have gone through similar circumstances to you and have come out the other side healed. And so can you.

Counselors and couches very often feel inspired to do what they do precisely because they have experienced similar suffering. Or someone in their family has had the problems they work with.

Ask, Trust, Receive

Ask for help and it will come to you through prayer, and through other people’s wisdom and experience. There is so much help available through books, videos, podcasts, courses, in person or online counseling and coaching. Take advantage of it so that it can benefit you too!

Trust and believe that it is available to you as much as to anyone else. Your situation may feel worse than anyone else’s. Or you may feel you are different in some way. But trust me, the right help is there for you. And you deserve to heal as much as anyone else. One step you may need to take is to start Loving Yourself.

Open yourself to receive it, so that you will allow the process to begin. Depending on what you need healing from, it may take some time. But if you don’t ever start, it will take forever. Do you want to stay stuck in the perceived “safety” of your problems? Or do you want to receive healing and move on? How would being healed affect your life?

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