How Will Coaching Help?

Be ready to change

If you are wondering how will coaching help you, the answer is it depends on your own commitment. The truth is you need to be ready to make changes in yourself.

Often it is our own communication skills that contribute to the situation. This is therefore something we will focus on in our sessions.

Coaching will also help you to set boundaries so you can reject unhealthy treatment, and learn to ask for your needs. 

Be prepared to learn new things and trust the process. Coaching will help you to love your self so that you are more able to receive love and feel loved by your partner. And above all it will help you to share a deeper connection than you have ever had. 

Coaching Will Help
how will coaching help you?

I was unhappy too!

I know coaching will help because I used to be where you are now. From the outside everything looked fine. But our marriage didn’t feel quite right to me from the start. And it didn’t get better with time.

I didn’t know whether I had just married the wrong person or if I was carrying the unhappiness within me. All I knew was I had suffered childhood trauma and that something was wrong.

Somehow we managed to bring into the world 4 beautiful babies. Our 2 boys and 2 girls, have grown into wonderful adults. I am very proud of them and amazed that they are all so well adjusted.

All the blessings

We are very blessed to live in the Caribbean, and to run a beautiful rental property for vacations, weddings and retreats. But even with all the blessings life had to offer, I was still not happy. Why? Because a happy relationship is the foundation for happiness in the rest of life.

Traditional Methods didn’t help

For years I read all the relationship books, went to all the programs and seminars, and had counseling, but none of it helped me feel any more connected. If anything, it only made it worse! The more I knew what a healthy relationship was, the more I knew I wasn’t in one. Retelling the stories of our problems to counselors only strengthened them in my mind. And the same may be true for you.

I was just about to give up hope when things suddenly changed quite dramatically!

What made the difference?

It was only when my husband and I invested in coaching that it made all the difference to both our self esteem and our relationship. We learned specific skills to help us in our communication. We built up our friendship and our deeper connection. If we can turn around our relationship so can you. You have it within you to make the changes. All you need is some specific skills to work with. I am convinced  that Coaching will change things for you too.

How Coaching has helped my clients

And can help you too

  • Better emotional connection where there was none
  • Much happier days every day
  • More physical affection
  • No more loneliness
  • Talking on an emotional level
  • More meaningful conversations
  • Becoming comfortable with vulnerability
  • Getting your emotional needs met
  • Being able to express your feelings without conflict
  • Spending quality time together
  • Being able to soothe each other
  • No more blame in your marriage
  • Healing from your childhood trauma
  • Much less stress in your relationship
  • No more shouting matches
  • Having fun together again
  • Protecting your marriage from predators 
  • More respect for each other

How we will work on your marriage

What if your partner is not interested in coaching?

If your partner is not interested in coaching at the moment, we can start with individual sessions. 

You will learn to love yourself so that you grow in confidence and self esteem. You will be more able to love your partner and receive love. 

Within a short time the changes in you will be apparent and your spouse will become curious enough to join you.

Once we work together with your partner, the transformation will be dramatic. We’ll work to shift the old unhelpful habits and replace them with better communication skills.

Soon, you and your spouse will share the deeper connection you’ve always dreamed of. And from there you will be in a good place to work on having a happy physical relationship. 

Soon you will share

It is helpful to remember

  • No one person is to blame for the state of a relationship – both are responsible
  • Both partners can take responsibility for their own happiness
  • You can intentionally build a good relationship with the help of coaching
  • We can learn to heal from the emotional neglect suffered as a child
  • Buried childhood trauma can still be dealt with
  • People really can and do change for the better with the help of coaching
  • You don’t need to struggle by yourself – unbiased help is available
  • Healing a relationship is easier than you think
  • A small effort goes a long way towards change and progress can happen quite quickly
  • Coaching offers practical help, not just a chance to vent

It’s Time for a Change

Let coaching help you learn

Get Your needs met

Time to stop sabotaging your relationship with bad communication habits. Stop the blame game and learn to express your emotions and get your needs met, without an argument. Learn to use new communication habits so that you and your partner can relate in a healthier way.

Build Connection

Time to build better connection with your partner. Learn to find the real person behind the surface, and pick up the signals your partner is giving you so that you can understand him or her better. Start to respond to these signals so that you will feel much more connected to each other.

Love Yourself

Time to love yourself and increase your self esteem. Through these self love practices, you will learn to self soothe and be able to accept love from your partner. No longer will you take everything as an attack against you. You will start to feel worthy of love. Then you will feel able to soothe your partner.

My superpowers

  • Experience of the same struggles you are going through
  • Awesome listening skills and compassion so you feel safe
  • I challenge you in a gentle way to make changes
  • Meditations to improve your mindset and wellbeing
  • My coaching gives you the best tools to succeed
  • I encourage you to be constantly learning and improving
  • Between sessions I am available for emergencies
  • I am praying for your relationship
  • 30 years spent devouring relationship books blogs, websites, videos and podcasts so you don’t have to
  • I gathered helpful tools from all the marriage programs that we used in our marriage: “Marriage Encounter,” “A Weekend to Remember”, “Let’s Stay Together”, “Marriage Fitness.” 

    My Qualifications

  • Insight Coaching Community: Certificate in Insight Coaching
  • Gottman Institute: Couples Therapy
  • Institute of Counselling (UK): Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Stephen Ministries: Certificate in Counselling Skills 
  • LIFE (UK): Certificate in Counselling Skills
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