Ideal Relationship

Is there such thing as an ideal relationship?

Ideal Relationship

I say there is. So here are some questions to help you think about it. What would your ideal relationship look and feel like? Who do you need to be, in order to create it? What do you need to change to get there?  And what is currently in your way of creating it?

Many women grow up with a fantasy of Prince Charming coming on his white steed to sweep us off our feet. I believe it is a metaphor that is quite dangerous. It is very probably the reason so many of us fall for narcissists and get our hearts broken again and again. And because of these unrealistic expectations, we are doomed to feel disappointed in our spouses.

What does an ideal relationship look like?

So in the real world, what does an ideal relationship look like? My answer would be one where both partners feel loved and respected as well as able to give love and respect. Then in addition to love and respect, I would add trustworthiness to the mix. Trust has to be the basis of the relationship or it cannot stand. If someone lies to you, it feels like they are not on the same side. They are effectively treating you like an enemy.

There needs to be good friendship, healthy communication, a finally a deep spiritual connection. These all lay the foundation for a happy physical relationship. This is what my clients are getting for themselves. Because they understand that an ideal relationship does not just fall from the sky. We have to build it with effort and changes in mindset. Sometimes it just takes a skilled and unbiased observer to help you to make the changes.

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