If I Can Change So Can You

If I can change so can you! 😊

If I can change so can you

Transformation is all about making a decision and making better choices. It seems to me that some people say they want change, but in reality they don’t. They prefer to stay within their comfort zone, even if that means being miserable.

I used to be one of those people. It was easier to complain about things than to make the effort to change them. But then I discovered that I was able to bring about change in a matter of minutes. For example if I felt sad, all I had to do was put on a song and dance for 5 minutes. And I would suddenly feel happy. Or if I felt lethargic, all I had to do was swim for 5 minutes and I felt energized.

It worked in other ways too. If I was overwhelmed with the mess in my home, all I had to do was decide to tidy for 5 minutes and I already felt the difference. If I felt lonely, I simply messaged people for 5 minutes and set up lunches or walks. Immediately I felt better.

The same is true in business, fitness, or learning an instrument. Any kind of change we want to bring about, we can start by spending 5 minutes on it. If we take tiny steps every day, we can bring about small changes. Small changes in turn add up to make total transformation.

We only change when we decide to. Nobody can make us change. We have to want it. It is a matter of making a choice.

So what will you choose today?

If I Can Change so Can You

Choosing small steps is one of the things you can expect in my online relationship coaching. If you want to try it out, I would love to offer you a powerful coaching call so you can experience it for yourself. It is my gift to you.

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