Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Are you suffering from Imposter syndrome? This is something that I have experienced myself, and I now see in other entrepreneurs including new coaches.

In fact, I believe that most people have this secret self doubt at the start of their career or when they are building a new business. I remember a certain newly qualified lawyer telling me about 30 years ago, “I feel like a fraud. At the back of my mind I have this worry that someone will find out that I know nothing about law.” Now 3 decades later, he has no recollection of this conversation.

In other words, just studying a subject does not give us confidence in our abilities to work in the field.  The fact that self doubt can vanish from consciousness and even memory means that Imposter Syndrome is temporary. So if you are feeling it now, you can take courage from the fact that it will evaporate over time. As you gain experience, you will definitely gain confidence. So keep going!

If you are a coach with Imposter Syndrome

For new coaches it is slightly different. The self-doubt asks, “How can I help someone in their career or business if I am not an expert in their particular field?”

The answer to that question is that the client is indeed the expert in their life and business. When coaching we are not supposed to be setting ourselves up as the expert. I hope that knowing this takes the pressure off you!

Instead, our job is to hold a space where the client can think and talk. When we reflect back what they say, they hear it in a new way and they get insights from that process. Secondly, we are there to challenge their thinking if they are stuck in limiting beliefs about themselves or other people. Thirdly, we are an accountability partner for them so that they keep to any decisions and choices they they make during the process.

Getting support

The same lawyer I mentioned above tells me that what made a huge difference was having mentors to support him. So if you want any help with overcoming imposter syndrome, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call with me. Don’t worry about cost, because this is my gift to you.

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Lastly, please spread the love and share with someone who might benefit.



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