It’s all about Relationships

Whether in business or in your own life, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is the same. It’s all about relationships.

It's all about Relationships

Good relationships are extremely important in the family. What we learn as children sets us up for our lives going forward. We learn how to express our emotions and get our needs met from our parents. So as parents, it is absolutely essential to teach good relationship skills to our children.

In school whether or not we have friends is a direct result of how we relate to people. The genuinely popular kids are not the bullies, but the ones who show an interest in others and are kind. Bullies might have followers, but these are not true friendships.

Once we become adults and start working, we may think our skills are our best assets. But no matter how clever, talented or skilled someone is, if they appear too different from the team, the employers will not offer them the job. Once they are working in a particular company, if they don’t fit in with their colleagues, then problems will arise.

If we are dealing with clients or customers, we need to learn good relationship skills if we want to make any sales! With great communication, a dissatisfied customer can actually become one of your most loyal customers!

And last but not least, at home, our relationship with our partner sets the tone for the rest of our activities. If we are unhappy at home, we might self soothe by drinking and other unhealthy behaviours, such as some kind of infidelity.

On the other hand, a healthy relationship can be the source of great happiness. If we are best friends with our spouse, we have a place of great emotional safety. This can bring about healing from our past traumas, and be a wonderful example for our children. It can even be like an oasis in the emotional desert for other relatives and friends.

So how can you improve your relationships?

Here is my answer in a nut-shell:

  1. The most important thing is to really listen deeply to people. Pay attention to what they are saying and also what they are not saying.
  2. Avoid giving them unsolicited advice or telling them what to do. That is so annoying to almost everyone, no matter who they are.
  3. Ask them open-ended questions so they get a chance to share their thoughts and feelings.
  4. Don’t judge them, call them names or talk down to them.
  5. Avoid criticism above all. It will never go down well, even when expressed as a joke.


If you want any help with improving your relationships, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call so you can experience it for yourself. It is my gift to you.

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