It’s an Opportunity!

If you tend to complain about things, stop! Whatever you are complaining about, try to understand that it’s an opportunity for you!

It's an Opportunity!

There is a Tony Robbins quote that we hear a lot in coaching circles that says “Things don’t happen to us – they happen for us.”

Sometimes we want to gain a quality, such as patience. Then we are surprised and frustrated when things take too long. But what if we decided to takes those times as opportunities?

What about when you need something and have not yet received it? Why not see it as an opportunity to go ahead and ask for what you need?

You will be much more likely to get what you need than if you keep quiet. People don’t like to say no, so the chances are, they will give you what you ask for!

This is your chance to be courageous and express yourself! Speak out for your own needs. It is nobody’s job but yours!

The other side of the coin is when people ask you for things. This can be an opportunity for you to grow in kindness and generosity! But you do have a choice. So it could equally be a chance for you to learn to say ‘no.’

Whenever something frustrates you, it’s often an opportunity for you to implement change. It may even be that you are really frustrated with yourself and there is something within you that you need to work on.

When you fail, it’s always an opportunity to be intentional and improve.

And when you are afraid, that’s an opportunity for you to grow in courage.

In fact all negativity is a chance for you to make a choice for something better!!

So rather than complaining, let’s all make a conscious and intentional choice for something more positive!

If you want any help with turning challenges into opportunities, I invite you to try out a  so you can experience it for yourself. It is my gift to you. You can also ask about my group coaching program that will help with this.

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