Love is all around us!

Love is all around us!

Love is all around us

In the love that people give us, no matter how imperfect. And in the love we give others, which is also imperfect.

Even in the situations where it feels like there is no love! These are special opportunities for us to practise providing love because it is lacking. Pain is always an opportunity to grow, and we can even say that God allows us these situations for that very purpose.

Recently, I took a course called “Immersion” with the Insight Coaching Community. As I was reading the comments that people had written under the training videos,  I began to have a greater appreciation for our different experiences and knowledge. I noticed that some of the things that I had heard from my parents or teachers as a child were completely new to someone else. They had written comments like “This has blown my mind!” Similarly, other things that were new or a challenge to me were very familiar to other people. 

Things that we take for granted knowing and didn’t consider as anything special, can be super valuable to someone else. This shows how we all need each other. Because we complement each other. So instead of being shy to share our knowledge, we can all be confident in who we are and what we have to offer. 

Our talents and knowledge are not just for our own enjoyment and well being. We are meant to share them with people who can benefit. And when we do share them, this is another example of how love is all around us. Serving others with our talents is living our true purpose. It builds connection and relationships. Our talents help them and their gratitude encourages us. We empower each other.

If you want to learn more about how to share your talents and use them to serve others, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call so you can experience it for yourself. It is my gift to you.

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Feel free to let me know what you think of this. ❤️

Lastly, please spread the love and share with someone who might benefit.


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