Love is Patient. Love is Kind.

Love is Patient. Love is Kind

“Love is Patient. Love is Kind.” This is not just some quote from the Bible that people have at their weddings. It is a description of how people behave when they have love as their driving force. This means we have to be patient and kind with each other. It is especially important to be intentionally patient and kind in marriage. So often we treat our spouse worse than anyone else!

When to Practise Love is Patient

If your partner is taking a long time to get ready before you go out in the evening, remember to be patient. Rather than huffing and puffing, ask if there is something you can do to help her. I know in my household there are three pets to be fed, and it doesn’t have to be me who feeds them.

When your partner is trying to express his emotions, but taking a long time, don’t answer for him or interrupt. Give him the time and space to get his words together. He will eventually say what he is feeling and you might even learn something about him.

Time to be Kind

If your partner seems a bit miserable, this is your opportunity to be kind. Rather than blaming them for being negative, share a kind word with them to change their day. Labelling them as negative will only serve to harm them and your relationship.

Even in an argument, there is no need to be mean. You can try and be kind, by being aware that all points of view are correct from the person’s perspective. So instead of shouting, we can try to use a gentle voice and kind words.

It is important to be patient and kind, especially with your spouse. But remember, being kind does not mean letting yourself be walked all over. You can stay within your boundaries by thinking in advance of what is acceptable to you and what is not.

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