Make a New Start by Saying Sorry

Make a New Start by Saying Sorry

Whether or not you have children, you may have that back to school feeling as the summer ends. With the new school year, we usually have a sense of a new start. Our children have just gone back to school and university in the UK. We will be going back to our “normal” routine. Circumstances arose that meant that I have had to make a new start by saying sorry.

Before our children left, one of them let me know that the mistakes of my past had had profound affects. For the third time, I found myself apologising for not being emotionally available to my children when they were small. I had been too wrapped up in my own problems of recovering from my childhood. What I needed to do was love myself.

A Little Apology Goes a Long Way

Saying sorry to your children may not be something that you feel you want to do. However, I highly recommend it. In my own case, my family of origin was so dysfunctional that it took me decades to recover. An apology and open communication would have gone a long way for me. And it may have saved my children from the pain I subsequently caused them. In fact it was only in my parents’ last years on this earth that I was able to forgive them.

That is why I am so happy for saying sorry to 3 of my 4 children so far. My apology not only sets me free. In forgiving me, they are able to move on with their lives. Their own children and grandchildren have a much better chance of a happy childhood as a result.

Attached are some examples of apologies you might consider making to anyone you have hurt, including your children.

While we are on the topic of saying sorry, here is a list of some people you might want to forgive as well:

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