Make Love not War

Make Love not War

Make Love not War

The slogan ‘Make Love not War’ was first used in the 1960s to protest against the Vietnam War. It has reappeared in many conflicts since then.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono famously did a “bed-in” for their honeymoon in 1969, promoting ‘bed peace.’ They invited journalists to interview them in their hotel room in Amsterdam.

In a relationship, we need to consciously create love by many little efforts in connection. We encourage couples to build bridges and forgive. There is a saying “win the person not the argument”.

So in the same way, we can increase peace in the world by conscious efforts to connect, build bridges and forgive. If everyone consciously made efforts to create peace there would be no conflicts. Just imagine what that would be like!

This seems impossible once a conflict has started. How can someone forgive when their relatives have been tortured or murdered? But what’s the alternative? Taking revenge only escalates things as it requires retaliation.

By contrast, in South Africa, after over 3 decades of apartheid, Nelson Mandela and President FW de Klerk negotiated to bring about a new constitution and they both won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. 

I have previously spoken out against the war on Gaza. That only added to the conflict as people got upset and hurt. That is not my intention so I’ve decided not to speak any more about it.

The thing is you cannot argue for harmony in any relationship. And similarly you cannot fight for peace. 

What I want to do is promote peace. I asked myself what I could do without a large audience.

Firstly, as a life coach I can offer my services for free to anyone who has been affected by any conflict, whether recent or historic.

Secondly, I can also provide a space for people to connect and have fun. So I’ve created monthly online calls for playing games and having fun on Fridays.

Far from being a totally frivolous activity, we are consciously building connection and peace. Which is why I’ve decided to call them “Fun on Friday and Freedom from Fighting.”

That name works for couples and for everyone. Please join us, and I encourage you to bring your partner, as well as other relatives and friends.

Let’s make more Love and not war in the world. And of course if you’d like to talk to me about how you can spread more love and peace, book yourself a free call here.

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