Play time

Play time

It’s play time!

The other day a man asked me if I would recommend acting classes.

As a Life Coach I wouldn’t normally give advice. But in this case, he is not a client and he really just wanted an answer there and then. So I did encourage him to take the classes.

Personally, I have found acting so therapeutic. If you are someone who doesn’t allow yourself to express the full range of emotions, it is an amazing release. For example, if your character is angry you can shout and swear more than you would in your everyday life. When playing a role you can express all those parts of you that you don’t usually accept. And that is healthy!

It is also an imaginative process when you take the words from the page and create something out of them. You go from simply reading those words to giving life to the person who speaks and feels them. And together with the other actors you bring about an alternate reality that seems absolutely real to the audience.

There is a reason a non-musical theatrical performance is called a play. It is similar to what children naturally do in the playground. When they play together, they create fantastic scenarios where they pretend to be someone else and unusual things happen. They are inventing scripts every day. The difference is they don’t usually write  them down. Even when a child plays by him or herself they are often creating a fantasy world.

This kind of playfulness is incredibly important for our mental health. As adults, we can often get stuck in taking life too seriously. So acting is a wonderful way to let off steam and try out new perspectives. Any kind of playing is good for us. It develops our imaginations and heals our emotions.

If you want any help with incorporating play time into your life, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call. Don’t worry about cost, because this is my gift to you.

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