Praying for your Marriage

Praying for your marriage

Do you believe in praying for your marriage?

If you are a person who prays, you will surely already be praying for your marriage. But have you tried praying for your marriage together?

Surprisingly, praying together is the most romantic thing you can do. This is because it builds a deeper connection between you. So when you pray for your marriage together, it is doubly effective!

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The prayers are intended to be accessible to all people of faith. The first 20 readings come from the Old Testament, and readings 21-40 are from the New Testament. In the prayers, you may want to replace the word “Lord” with “Adonai,” “Jesus,” etc.

Go through the prayers and wherever appropriate use your spouse’s name or “you.” Meditate on the reading for a few minutes and say the prayer slowly. 

Here are some more prayers you can say together:

  • God, our Father, we come before you and ask that you would bless us both with a desire to improve our marriage.
  • We ask you to lay your hands on us and heal us of all the damage that was done to us in our childhood.
  • Relying on your mercy, we repent for all we have done to hurt each other and harm our marriage.
  • We decide now to forgive each other for everything. Even if it is hard to do this, we set this as our intention.
  • Help us to spend more time together and have a better friendship.
  • Bless our conversations and help us to communicate in a healthier way.
  • We ask for a deeper spiritual connection with each other. And we ask you to help us strengthen our marriage bond.
  • Please protect our marriage from external temptations and distractions.
  • Lastly, we ask you to bless our physical relationship with each other.
  • Amen


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