Praying together

Praying Together

Why Should we be Praying Together?

If you want to connect with your spouse on a deeper level, praying together is the best thing you can do. Developing a prayer habit will bring you healing and help you to know yourself more. It will bring you and your spouse closer together than anything else. When we try to do things without connecting with God (higher power), we tend to feel discouraged if we don’t succeed immediately. Putting our faith in and submitting to God also means we are less likely to play any kind of power game with each other.

How do we Start Praying together

Just start by trying. There is no need to have lofty ideas and expectations of what you should say. Just talk from the heart. Sometimes you might feel self-conscious, especially if you have not tried this before. If you do, it would be helpful to use a book, such as my 40 Days of Prayer to Transform Our Marriage. Reading somebody else’s words will help you to break the ice and you won’t be racking your brain about what to say next. Very soon it will come more naturally to pray aloud from the heart.

Benefits of Praying Together

When you are praying together on a regular basis you will feel more peaceful. And you will develop a sense of gratitude. You will be much less likely to argue or judge each other. It will feel like you are on the same side and you will have more empathy for each other. As a result of this, it will become much easier and feel safer to be vulnerable with each other. Gradually, you will become aware of a shared purpose for your marriage. You may even find that there is a particular mission you are called to do together.

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