Women Who Win


Women Who Win


Grow your confidence and communication skills and watch your best self start to shine through. In this package I coach women like you to live with authenticity and confidence, to express your needs and stand up for yourself both in the workplace and at home.

As women we have extraordinary powers of intuition and are uniquely gifted in creativity. Even if we are usually confident, too many of us underestimate our abilities in certain areas, and we hesitate to speak up for ourselves and live up to our full potential.

If this sounds like you, let me help you confidently communicate who you are and build successful connections.

My greatest joy is helping women grow in self-esteem and confidence, encouraging them to stand up for themselves at home and at the workplace.

When I was three, my sister told my mother not to hug us any more. Sadly, I didn’t speak up for myself to contradict this, so I suffered from a lack of maternal affection until the last weeks of my mother’s life.

At my private Prep school, I was hit daily by the boys in my class. I had been taught to ‘turn the other cheek’ and didn’t know it was not meant for under tens. The bullying continued until one day I finally stood up for myself.

As an adolescent, I found myself in a pattern of being manipulated by boyfriends. It was then that I read my first self development book.

While staying at home with children, I read every self development book I could get my hands on and so began my interest in coaching.

Returning to work after bringing up 4 children, I noticed a definite gender inequality in the workplace, as well as prejudice towards me for having been away from the workplace for so long.

When I was feeling vulnerable after both parents and my sister had died, I was motivated to exercise, and as a result, I experienced a sudden increase in unwanted attention from older men, including at church.

Feeling unsafe at church was the catalyst for me to decide to take complete charge of my life. It had knocked me sideways for a while, but it became the turning point for me.

Coming from a family where I hadn’t felt loved, I recognised that I had unwittingly allowed myself to be disrespected and exploited for most of my adult life. My relationships had been troubled and unhealthy.

It was only when I began to intentionally respect, love and value myself that I began my journey into self-confidence and clearer communication of my needs.

Nowadays I help my clients grow in confidence and self-esteem, because it is only when you learn to love and respect yourself that you can feel loved and respected by others, as well as love and respect them.

My coaching is always a safe environment where you can express your authentic self.

Together let’s build a community of women where we all feel safe, accepted and free to express ourselves.