What People Say about my Relationship Coaching:

Love and Connection
“I was at a stage in my life where I felt I could not go on with my marriage any longer, I wanted things to change. Even though I was doing deep healing work with myself and with other Coaches, Fiona’s coaching offered to support both partners in joint sessions. My hubby agreed to this and thereafter every session Fiona held for us just brought us closer. We started learning to communicate with each other more empathically. I feel this was the greatest breakthrough for us. Learning to have healthier and more empathic conversations in a relationship is everything and I wish we were taught this from an early age. The exercises were so much fun and being able to participate in them together only brought us closer. We also got to work on some difficult challenges we had with each other and Fiona held space for us to come to a happy solution. Having these sessions were truly helpful in finding where the leaks are in our marriage and how we could improve our connection, communication as well as friendship in all areas. 
If I had to rate my relationship with my husband before and after working with Fiona I would say it went from being maybe a 3 at the beginning to now a 9….and the reason is that we have found that love and connection again. This is what I think I was truly desiring. I realized that I was craving empathy from him and I felt unheard. This opened up the door for me to uncover a hurt inner child who was rejecting herself. Your self love exercise in my separate session supported me to acknowledge her pain and give her empathy, love and compassion. Ever since then I feel a difference in my attitude towards my hubby. I am more kind and compassionate towards his areas of weakness.
We also went on a beautiful getaway to a Game park and spa this weekend and after a very long time we truly enjoyed each other’s company and just being together. The insight I got at this tranquil place was that; “As spouses we are here to complement each other. Complement the weakness found in each other.” A verse in the Qur’an says about the relationship between spouses; “They are like garments unto you and you are like garments unto them.”
If You are having relationship challenges such as feeling disconnected from your partner and unable to communicate your feelings and needs, I definitely suggest working with Fiona. I truly feel every new couple should also work with Fiona just to learn how to create better friendship with your partner and so many other tools, so as to have a much happier marriage. 
Thank you Fiona for your Light and Love, it has been a true blessing on our marriage. You are an Angel, the work you do is divine and I trust you will continue to spread this light for many other couples. Stay blessed always.
Mariam, South Africa 


Angel From Heaven!
“Fiona! You are the BOMB!!!!!  Not sure what that means to you, but here it means you are the BEST!!! You are angel from heaven! I value our time together and recognize our issues are deep seated and have taken years to develop. I look forward to many more productive sessions!”
CB, Texas  

Separation to Celebration
“I learned during our sessions with Fiona that my wife was considering a separation when we began coaching. I’m happy to say that Fiona helped us get to the point where we were able to dispose of the separation talk and enjoy a cruise celebrating our 23rd anniversary! We learned how to improve our communication and reduce conflicts by talking through our feelings rather than fighting for a win. As well as improved communication, we have reduced the number of arguments and have worked on reinvigorating our friendship. We still have a lot to work on, but we are on the right path. Fiona is to be highly recommended! Over the years, we have experienced a number of counselors, but her coaching approach has been much more effective.”
BB, Houston, Texas 

What about Individual Coaching?

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