Speaking Your Truth in Love

What is meant by Speaking Your Truth in Love?

Speaking Your Truth

It’s not just about telling the truth in a romantic relationship. Although of course that’s important. It’s about having uncomfortable conversations with people.

So why would we even want to have those uncomfortable conversations with people? And why “in Love” as opposed to just getting our point across?

Well, when we don’t have the uncomfortable conversations, the situation never improves and we can develop deep resentment of a person as a result of not dealing with it. And we can feel helpless and stuck.

If you believe in God, you may be familiar with the concept that God is Love. And if God is Love, that means that we were made by Love. We were made through Love for the purpose of Love. And one of the highest forms of Love is telling the truth to people, even if it means they might be angry with ur or even not speak to us again.

As a coach it can be not accepting someone’s limiting beliefs and challenging their thinking. Which means telling them truths that they don’t want to hear. But we do it from a place of love, not criticism. Quite often someone’s life coach is the only person in their life who dares to tell them the truth.

But for today’s purposes, Speaking Your Truth in Love is about speaking up for yourself in any situation where you don’t feel happy.  And doing it in a loving way. It could be at home with your partner. Or with any of your friends or relatives. It could be at work, or at church or the gym. Or anywhere else you might go to where you have a situation where you’re not quite comfortable.

So what kind of situations are we talking about? Here are some examples. In a romantic relationship perhaps you’re doing all the cooking and you want your partner to cook sometimes. That might make you feel more like a servant than an equal partner. So you might want to communicate how you feel about that.

Or at work maybe your boss is not using your skills and is making you do more menial tasks. You might need to let them know that you are capable of so much more. Perhaps a friend speaks to you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and you’ve been putting up with it for too long. In communicating your needs you will earn their respect.

What kind of situation can you think of where you need to speak your truth?

I did a training about this in my Facebook group Called to Courage. It includes the challenges involved and my 3 tips for Speaking Your Truth in Love. If you’d like to see the replay, type Truth in the comments.


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