Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility

Take responsibility! Men and women are equally capable of working on their self development, improving their relationships and being adults. So learn to take responsibility for your life and happiness. You will soon see the difference!!

For many years I have been reading self development books. I used to encourage my husband to read them too. He used to tell me “Men are not interested in that sort of thing.” Years later, he got himself a male coach and loves to read self development books. There was a huge difference in him when he made this change.

Similarly, I used to wait for my husband to initiate change in the relationship. I believed that as a man he should lead. It was more comfortable for me to complain and do nothing. But since I was the one who understood relationships, it was really up to me to make an effort. When I took responsibility for my part of the relationship things began to shift.

One of the first steps in improving your life is to take responsibility. Without that step nothing will happen. It is the same in relationships. When you understand that people treat us as we treat ourselves, changes will occur in how your partner treats you. All this will radically improve your self esteem.

What if my partner is the one who needs to take responsibility?

If your partner is the one who needs to take responsibility for their happiness, send them the link to this post. And you can gently hold them accountable!

I would love to offer you a powerful coaching call to help with taking responsibility. It is my gift to you.

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