Take the Challenge

I’ve decided to take the challenge.

Take the Challenge

As of Sunday 1st October, I’m taking part in the 75 HARD challenge. The rules are that you keep to the following 6 things every day for 75 days:

Do 2 workouts of 45 mins,

Drink 4 litres of water,

Read 10 pages of a self development or educational book,

Take a progress photo of yourself, 

Eat a healthy diet of your choice,

Consume no alcohol or cheat meals.

According to Andy Frisella whose project this is, if you fail in any way, you have to start from the beginning. The aim is that when you succeed you become incredibly tough mentally, and you gain in self trust and confidence.

However, I’m not sure I agree with the starting from scratch idea, as this could emphasize a sense of failure in some people. Although I already exercise, drink water, eat healthy, and read daily, as well as the fact that I hardly drink, it will still be incredibly difficult for me to keep to it exactly every single day.

So I’m actually interested in what happens when I fail. What will I learn from the experience? Will I go back and start again? Or will I just accept a small imperfection in myself? As a recovering perfectionist, I certainly don’t want to make a big deal out of not getting it 100% right. 

But I’m still curious to see whether I can complete the challenge. The hardest part for me is drinking that quantity of water. Especially as I don’t want to be up all night needing to pee!

Are you ready to take on a Challenge?

What do you think? Is it a good idea to take on this hard challenge? Would you submit yourself to someone else’s rules? What would it mean to you if you cut corners?

And finally, what challenge would you like to set yourself? I’d love to hear all about it. If you would like support with any challenges you are facing, you can book a Take the Challenge Call with me here.  We will identify how you want to challenge yourself, discover what might potentially hold you back, and decide on specific action steps to achieve your chosen goal.

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