That’s just how it goes

That's just how it goes

My newsletter is late!! And the irony is I got up so early! That’s just how it goes sometimes. Or as they say in Jamaica “So it go!” Maybe I’ve lived in the Caribbean too long, but I don’t sweat the small stuff any more.

My news is I’m off to Mexico today! My husband is going to a conference and since we are empty nesters, he invited me to come along.

This is what happened. I was super organised. Woke up at 6 am, let the dog out, showered, got dressed, and had breakfast. I had to leave for the airport by 11.00 and had several errands to do before leaving. My first task was to go to the store and buy a new coffee maker for the our vacation rental property.

Next, I needed to go to the supermarket for some cat and dog food. On the way home I delivered the coffee maker to my assistant, so that she could take it to work with her.

There will be some dinners to attend over the next few days. So I tried on a few dresses in my closet to make sure they still fit. Knowing I would be meeting a lot of lawyers, I also decided to colour and cut my hair! Then it was quite urgent to start my packing!

I figured I would have plenty of time to write my newsletter at the airport. But to my surprise, there was no internet at the Cayman airport. A whole lot of networks came up but none of them was password free. I don’t remember if that was always the case, but probably not.

So here I am at Miami airport writing it from the lounge! The hummus is so good, I wish I could send you some! In the old days, I could have included a tiny sample in the envelope along with my letter. But how amazing is it that I can sit here writing this and as soon as I hit send, you can read it! It may be several hours late, but I’m not going to worry about that.

I hope you can use this little expression some time in the coming week. When things don’t go your way, just remember: that’s just how it goes sometimes.

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