The worst thing that happened

I used to have a blog where I shared that the worst thing that happened to me was the best thing.The worst thing that happenend

In 2010 a freak water skiing accident caused me to sit for a month and read Tony Robbins’ book “Awakening The Giant Within.”

This huge book inspired me to take up all the hobbies that in some way I had been discouraged to do in my childhood. So I took up acting, singing, dancing, painting and writing.

Then in 2011, I enrolled in a correspondence course to get my certification as a Life Coach. I learned the theories of coaching, but had no practical experience. And people were suspicious when I offered them some coaching, so I forgot about it and got a job.

Fast forward to the summer of 2019. My sister and mother died within 5 weeks of each other. My father had died in 2017. So in the space of 2 years we had gone from a 5 member family to my older sister and myself.

My sister had died of diabetes, so her death inspired me to get fit by going for beach walks and joining a gym. I was feeling really good about myself.

However, with my newly fit and tanned appearance, I received a sudden influx of unwanted attention from men, especially at church! This inspired me to decide not to take any more crap from anyone and to learn to set better boundaries.

Then 2020 happened!

The year started with not 1 but 2 huge fires at our island’s dump. The skies were filled with black smoke for days both times. Between the 2 fires we had a massive earth tremor from a large earthquake in the sea. And then the pandemic started.

Our airport closed to tourists on the 20th March 2020. Since I was running a vacation rental facility my bank account went from 6 figures to $0.00. All the while I was too busy to notice! Because of the deaths in my family, I was going back and forth to the UK. I had to empty my parents’ house and refurbish my sister’s apartment.

I needed to do something quick! That’s when I started my coaching business, and life has never been the same since. So the pandemic became my new worst thing that happened that turned out to be the best thing.

My heart goes out to all the people who lost loved ones in the pandemic and were only able to have funerals online. I feel so grateful that we were able to hold funerals in person for our family members. That’s another good thing for me to celebrate!

Thanks for reading. And thanks to Annie Lieb who encouraged me to share my story. My next post will be about my coaching journey.

So if you want any help with turning things around, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call with me. Don’t worry about cost, because this is my gift to you.

Also to get free tips on improving your relationship with yourself as well as your marriage, you can read my other  posts and follow me on Instagram.

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