Time to Embrace Change

It’s time to embrace change!

Time to Embrace Change

Change is what life is all about. So why do we sometimes fear it?

Positive changes are what coaching is all about! I am enjoying the changes I’ve been making in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed, so I started a part time job! And it has really helped me become much more efficient.

I’ve been doing really well with my morning routine. I added a 15 minute piano practice to my dancing, walking, and journaling. And in the afternoons between calls, I have just started having ‘Dance and Declutter’ sessions!

My clients are all making good progress in their lives and it is great to see them grow. And I am making progress in my own fitness, faith, and friendships.

However there is one area in my life where I still need to make improvements. And that is in a particular relationship. So that will be my focus for change from now on. And I feel positive about it, because I have made positive shifts in other relationships.

Could you call my focus on everything else procrastination? In a sense yes. But not in a bad way. Because I believe that any movement is good. It is always better to do something than nothing. Even if that something is not the one most important thing that you need to do.

What if you’re trying to decide between two paths? You are finding it hard to commit to either. So as a result you do nothing. That stagnation is what we should be afraid of!

Surely it is better to do something… anything just to get some momentum. Because as you make little changes, even if they are less important, they shift something in your thinking. You discover more of what you like and what you don’t like. And you grow in confidence to make other changes.

So I say it’s time to embrace change.

If you’d like any help with making positive changes in your life, you can book a call with me here.


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