Too Much Stuff?

Do you have too much stuff?

Too Much Stuff?

It is important to live in an environment that makes us feel peaceful and happy. So what do you do when people die and leave you a load of stuff?

You may know that my father died in 2017 and my sister and mother died 5 weeks apart in 2019. My remaining sister didn’t want to keep anything, but I felt it was important to go through it slowly. I live abroad and so haven’t had time to sort through all the things yet. As a result we have a room in our UK house which is still full of my parents’s and my sister’s possessions. And to make matters worse, previous generations had held on to huge amounts of stuff too, due to there being a famous ancestor! We definitely have too much stuff!

So what has all this got to do with you? Only that when we are surrounded by things we don’t need, it can feel overwhelming. But at the same time it is good to keep mementos of the people we love who have passed away. We need to find a balance so that the mess doesn’t take over our lives. We can make a collage of remembrance or some other kind of display that reminds us of them. It is actually a very healthy way to grieve their loss.

Will you leave too much stuff?

Another important point is that when we are gone, our children will have to sift through our belongings. The wise person will start the process while they are still mobile enough to do this. It is a question of disposing of unnecessary items as you go along. Rather than setting aside several weeks to do this all day every day, it is better to do the purge little by little. This fits the concept of chunking that works with any kind of challenge such as learning an instrument, getting fitter, building a business etc. We make a habit of taking the action, so that it feels natural and not like a huge effort.

If your parents are still alive, you may even be able to help them to sort their things out while they are able to do so. This will prepare the way for when they are no longer with you. So that hopefully you won’t have to deal with too much stuff!

If you want any help with sorting out your belongings, I invite you to try out a powerful coaching call. It is my gift to you.

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