Transformation is easy!

Transformation is easy

Transformation of a relationship is easy! But it requires an effort just like in fitness. You need to practice certain skills like when learning an instrument. Having said that, it is much easier than you might think!

Take small steps consistently. It may not feel like they are making a difference, but they will. At first your spouse might not notice. Then they may not believe the change is for real. Eventually they will want to make changes in him/herself too. This is what happened with my husband and myself. I used to be the worst wife and he was the worst husband, and if we can change so can you!

Transformation is Easy even for you

On occasion you will need to take massive action too. If what you have been doing doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform your relationship. It just means it is definitely time to try something different. When you radically change your communication style the difference is mind-blowing. I see this in my clients all the time. A light bulb goes on when they understand that how they say something makes so much difference.

One of the main things that makes a difference is when you start to understand your partner’s perspective. You ask questions to learn about why they see things the way they do. And as a result, you become more connected on a deeper level.

You start to want to spend more time together and have fun. There are less arguments and it feels like you are closer than ever before.

Yes, I promise you that transformation is much easier than you think it is! It might take persistence, but you can do it and I can help you.

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