Trust yourself

Trust Yourself

How much do you Trust yourself?

Do you find that people are always giving you their advice about your relationship? Or do you feel the need to ask everyone for their advice? Please stop! There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you already have the answers within yourself. So listen to your feelings and trust your own thoughts.

Secondly, so many people give their advice for free. But it is not always good advice. Some people are just in the habit of giving advice because they are in a position of authority at work. Others give their advice because it makes them feel significant. It is often unemployed or retired people who love to give you their advice on every subject. It is usually outdated information. I have come to know which people in my life always give bad advice, so I thank them then ignore their recommendations, unless it is a subject they know particularly well.

The same goes for you. Listen to your own mind and heart. Because only you know what it is like to be in your relationship with your partner. Nobody else is with you in the private moments in your home. Even a counselor or relationship coach should not tell you what to do or make decisions for you. Our training teaches us to help you explore your own wisdom and make your own decisions.

Thirdly, it is not fair on your partner to discuss your private problems with your family or friends. It harms their relationship with those people. The details you tell them cannot be unsaid when things get better between you. If you need to discuss anything with a third party, make sure it is a professionally trained person.

Relationship coaching helps you trust yourself

In relationship coaching we teach you communication skills so that you can say what you mean. This helps you to express your feelings and get your needs met. We discuss your ideas and common interests in strengthening your friendship. Together, we build connection based on your values, not ours! We focus on your preferences in our work on your physical relationship. And of course, we are objective and keep what you tell us confidential.

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