What They Don’t Tell you About Love

What They Don't Tell you About Love

What they don’t tell you about love is that some days when everything goes wrong are the best days to get closer.

Think about it like this. Some days you just haven’t slept and you feel terrible all day. Those days are the perfect opportunity to ask your partner for support. Instead of cooking the evening meal, you can ask them to bring home something already prepared. Or pick up the kids. Maybe they wouldn’t normally think of doing this, but now they get the chance to do something for you, and you get to show some gratitude to them.

A few years back I had an accident and couldn’t walk or stand up for long. I had to lie on the sofa for a month. During that month, my husband had to cook dinner every night. It gave me a break from always doing it. His cooking skills improved. And more importantly it gave him an opportunity to do something for me which he hardly ever did. Then I was able to show him gratitude for his help.

Remember those days when there was a newborn in the house? Everyone had to pull together to get grocery shopping, meals, school runs and homework taken care of. So when a crisis hits or you become sick, take the opportunity to ask for help. Have a think about how you can shift things around a bit so that you are not responsible for so much.

They don’t tell you how love grows

It is precisely when things are going wrong, that love tends to grow. Even in argument, love can grow as you learn about your differing points of view.

It is not just about asking for help. This is also a chance to share your feelings with each other. We all have different attitudes to sickness and life events. You might discover something new about your partner. The important thing is that you find the lesson in the suffering and become closer to each other. If you need help expressing your feelings and asking for your needs to be met, you might like to try out relationship coaching.

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