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Why should you work with me? Maybe you’ve already tried some counseling and it didn’t help you much.  In fact, all the venting in front of each other only made the situation worse. Perhaps the counselor didn’t remember what you had said the previous week, and you constantly had to go over the same old stories. I understand your hesitation. You don’t have to take my word for it.

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If you are sick of being unhappy in your marriage and you feel close to giving up…

Work with me to turn things around fast!

If you are sick of being unhappy and disconnected in your marriage, I can help you transform your relationship in ways that other modalities have traditionally not used.

The way I work, we start with coaching for insight. Instead of giving you the solutions, you will come up with your own solutions. Because you really do know, in your heart of hearts, what would make your relationship better.

Motivation for change comes from within

I will draw out of you what you know, but are not aware that you know. Don’t worry, you will have some help from me when you get stuck. It is just that real change happens more powerfully when it is your own idea.

Are you ready for the most effective live online coaching package on the market? 

Completely Transform Your Marriage is the LIVE online coaching for you! Instead of all that venting that only makes you both feel upset and angry, you will learn to communicate in a healthy way so that you will start to see results faster than you imagine. You will have a stronger friendship and a deeper spiritual connection. When we have built trust in all the other areas, we will focus on your physical relationship. Within a short time you can go from hardly talking to each other to celebrating your relationship. Like my clients who were talking about a separation before we started and within a few weeks they went on an anniversary cruise.  This LIVE Coaching package will give you my exclusive attention and includes all the material mentioned below.

Completely Transform Your Marriage

What Completely Transform Your Marriage Covers

In Completely Transform your Marriage we will focus on the following four areas:

Are you frustrated that every time you try and talk about your problems it always turns into an argument? What will help you is Healthy Conversations.  You will learn to replace negative habits with better communication skills. The difference it makes is incredible!

If you are suffering from a lack of connection you will love the Deepen Your Friendship sessions. They will teach you to build connection with your life partner.

Do you really want to take your marriage to even higher levels of connection? Then Shared Purpose will help you to have that soul level connection you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s Get Physical is all about romance, physical affection and communicating about your sex life. These sessions complete your coaching, after you have built up trust in the other areas.

Stop the Blame Game!

Most people believe that an unhappy marriage is entirely the fault of one of the partners. It is very normal for both partners to blame the other for their problems. This blame game is very toxic and can only add to the problems. We each need to take responsibility for our part in contributing to the situations we find ourselves in. Which means we can do something about it. See also How to fix a damaged relationship.

How will Coaching Benefit you?

Work with me and you will learn to love yourself.

You will get the skills to understand each other so that you are both able to love and feel loved.

Just imagine having a relationship where you don’t have to struggle any more just to be heard?

You will be able to enjoy each other’s company at last.

Finally you can start to live a meaningful life together with a shared purpose for your marriage.

The physical part of your relationship will be based on trust, so that you can have a healthy sex life.

Your relationship is a lifelong adventure and coaching will help you make it better and more fun.

Work With Me to Get the Marriage you Deserve!

As soon as you start your joint relationship coaching sessions, you will notice differences in the way you talk to each other.

Let me help you completely transform your relationship so that you can get on with living happily ever after.

You will continue to work on your relationship, but it will no longer feel like an uphill battle or the hopeless case it used to be.

Why choose me?

I use a unique blend of skills and experience

As well as my couples therapy tools, I also combine life coaching, counseling and teaching skills. In my LIVE online coaching sessions I draw on the different skills as and when appropriate.  My coaching is tailor made for your needs during each session. 

I also bring in what I have learned from my own personal experience in healing from my childhood trauma and working on my marriage. 

In my coaching we go explore the deeper causes of the arguments you are having again and again. 


  • Insight Coaching Community: Coaching for Insight, Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Gottman Institute: Couples Therapy
  • Stephen Ministries: Counseling Skills
  • Institute of Counseling (UK): Life Coaching
  • LIFE (UK): Counseling Skills

Read what People have said about my Coaching here! Reviews

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